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"As a pancreatic cancer survivor, I am extremely thankful for TGen's method of attacking the cancer from a genetic and biomarker perspective. The TGen approach allows the oncologist to focus on a specific molecular target and therefore kill the cancer cell. I know that this approach in my experience has saved my life. I am confident that when Dr. Von Hoff and his research team receive the proper amount of resources, many more lives will be saved. I hope you will join us as we are totally committed to helping to fund this effort."
Becky and Howard Young
"Pancreatic cancer is a dreadful disease. Knowing there are doctors like Dr. Von Hoff working to cure this disease and an organization like TGen allows us to have hope. We all need hope. Hope is a very strong medicine. Thanks to the entire staff at TGen."
Roger Magowitz
Founder of the Seena Magowitz Golf Classic, who lost his mother to pancreatic cancer.

"Wespac Construction is honored and proud to support the TGen Foundation. Their dedication towards finding earlier diagnoses and smarter treatments for disease will stand to make an impact on all of our lives. Wespac is committed to supporting TGen's mission and sincerely encourages other community leaders to get involved."
John Largay
Wespac Construction, President
"I am living proof that pancreatic cancer can be defeated. The research undertaken by TGen's Dr. Von Hoff and the Pancreatic Cancer Research Team will continue to have a positive impact on others afflicted with this terrible disease."
Mr. Marlon Somberg
pancreatic cancer survivor, patient advocate

Janice Cacioppo, SRP Valley Boosters Board President, Dewey Leitch, SRP Valley Boosters Board Campaign
"SRP employees recognize how important TGen is to Arizona and the contributions it will make to the community. They heard what TGen has to offer and how important it will be to everyone in terms of early diagnoses and treatments for so many diseases. Every employee is impacted, directly or indirectly, by TGen's research and they recognize the need to support it."
Janice Cacioppo
SRP Valley Boosters Board President

"Our investment and encouragement of TGen is one of the most important things Cox Communications does to support our communities. By working with TGen we are influencing the advancement of critical medical research, supporting the development of an industry that promises to brighten Arizona's economic future, and we get to stand and be counted as a company committed to furthering education in the sciences. How many organizations accomplish so many agendas under one roof?"
Steve Rizley
VP & General Manager Cox Communications Arizona

"As a prostate cancer survivor, I am really excited and hopeful about TGen's research and work. In my opinion they offer our best hope for finding the origin, effective treatment and eventually a cure for cancer. TGen is an outstanding research group of dedicated doctors and scientists. I am pleased to support their excellent work."
K. Earl Durden

"We met many of the talented and enthusiastic people at TGen during our visit last year. They are doing the wonderful work of bridging the gap between the extraordinary discoveries in genetic research and the practical application of those discoveries to curing some of our most difficult diseases. It is a privilege to be able to help attract budding scientists to this work by giving to TGen's internship program."
David and Irene Metz

"We are confident that the dedication and commitment of everyone connected with TGen will be successful in finding a cure for pancreatic cancer."
Jane and Bill Young

"Diane and I were thrilled to be among the founding supporters of TGen.

When we lost three of our parents to cancer and dementia over an eighteen month period from Aug 2004 to Feb 2006, we felt that a great way to honor their memory was to make another donation to TGen in each of their names.

As long time residents of Arizona, it is magnificent for us to see the wonderful way various constituencies throughout the state have come together to create this world class effort to create scientific breakthroughs that will impact healthcare and relieve human suffering in so many ways.

Diane and I and our family plan on being a small part of TGen's support structure on an ongoing basis."
Diane and Gary Tooker
There are many ways to support TGen's programs through the TGen Foundation. Your donations in support of a specific disease that has impacted your life are important to furthering the research of TGen scientists. All gifts at every level make a difference!

Volunteer! Become a TGen Ambassador and help raise funds in your community for research. You can also become a member of Bio Leadership and join a network of dedicated individuals and corporations who come together to gain a greater understanding of TGen's research, drug discovery and involvement in patient care.

To discuss ways to become involved and support research at TGen, contact the TGen Foundation at, or call 602.343.8411.