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We now know more about genes than ever before. This increased understanding provides scientists with an unparalleled opportunity to study and understand diseases. Thanks to the mapping of the human genome, clinical practice is shifting from treatment based on symptoms to treatment based on each person's unique genetic make-up, in other words, personalized medicine.

At TGen, investigators are pushing the limits of cutting-edge research and technology to discover the genetic cause of disease. Experiments that were impossible and impractical only a few years ago are now conducted every day, leading us to earlier diagnoses and smarter treatments.

Translational research provides the data and tools necessary to identify the genes that play a role in hereditable diseases and understand the genetic changes contributing to disease progression and resistance to therapy. Through partnering relationships with academic, clinical, and corporate entities, TGen's mission is to deliver these discoveries to the patient bedside in the form of improved healthcare interventions. TGen's layered, multidisciplinary approach combines a solid infrastructure with scientific technologies and programs, academic and corporate partnerships, and enterprise efforts.

There are many ways to support TGen's research through the TGen Foundation. Your donations in support of a specific disease that has impacted your life are important to furthering the research of TGen scientists. All gifts at every level make a difference!

Volunteer! Become a TGen Ambassador and help raise funds in your community for disease research. You can also become a member of Bio Leadership and join a network of dedicated individuals and corporations who come together to gain a greater understanding of TGen's research, drug discovery and involvement in patient care.

To discuss ways to become involved and support research at TGen, contact the TGen Foundation at, or call 602.343.8411.