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Parkinson's Disease (PD)

Parkinson's Disease (PD) is an increasingly common and complex genetic disorder currently affecting more than one million Americans. PD is classified as a movement disorder characterized by degeneration of midbrain regions involved in motor control. However, over 30% of PD sufferers develop dementia that is largely untreatable and often results in significant reduction in quality of life.



Researchers at TGen are working to identify and characterize the genes that are highly expressed in PD with dementia in comparison to PD and normal aging. The goal is to understand the origination and development of PD with dementia and how it differs from more traditional PD and from normal aging.

Ultimately, these genes will serve as targets for the development of novel therapeutics to prevent or slow the progression of PD and the development of associated dementia.

Bipolar Disorder
Mental Illness
Multiple Sclerosis



TGen's Neurodegenerative Research Unit

Your donation in support of Parkinson's Disease research at TGen is important to furthering the institute's mission to develop earlier diagnoses and smarter treatments for patients.

Volunteer! Become a TGen Ambassador and help raise funds in your community for PD research.

To discuss ways to become involved and support research at TGen, contact the TGen Foundation at Foundation@tgen.org, or call 602.343.8411.